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EXXA Wallet Launch – Millionaires Maker Moment!!

EXXA Digital Wealth Network is a One-Stop Blockchain Wealth Management Platform,
officially launched on 29th September, 2019
with a Big Inauguration Event at ONE15 Marina, in Sentosa Cove, Singapore.


Exxa was formed to help people achieve financial freedom and independence by leveraging
the game-changing potential of cryptocurrencies.


The project is managed by a team of very powerful, experienced, reputable people:

Danny Tang - Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

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Frankie Lee - Founder

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Gregory Ang - Co-Founder

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Chia Hock Meng Michael - Share Holder

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Exxa has a beautiful office in the main area of Singapore
360 Orchard Road, # 06-07 International Building, Singapore 238869
Tel: +65 6235 8890 i +65 6235 8891

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Exxa has 3 Features

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All of the features operate as a mobile application with the multi-currency crypto wallet being its main component.

EXXA Token Digital Assets Wallet is the Most Powerful Wealth-Building Secret in New Era of Digital Assets.

You can just store your cryptocurrency on it, but you can also do something way better! You can send your Bitcoins, Ethers, USDT or other coins in trust management. From this simple action, you will receive daily profit of 3-19% per month (if the deposit is up to 300 $ - 3% -9%, if the deposit is more than 300 $ - 6% -19%)!

But that's not all! You get profit in EXXA tokens, the price of which is constantly growing!
A similar project PlusToken made many $ millionaires... (In PlusToken, the price of the token increased from $ 0.4 to $ 300. Initial Plus Token investors have increased their capital by more than 600 times!)

EXXA took into account all the mistakes of the older brothers and made a much better product!


- Simplicity! Unlike analogs, registration takes 5 seconds; it is also not necessary to enter SMS in analogs, which many do not receive!

- There are trading reports, as well as evidence of working trading software. The counterparts did not have any reports and evidence…

- And there is an Open Guide, a direct connection with the admins.This is what Exxa say about themselves:In an online world full of faceless cryptocurrency entities, we emphasize on a credible real-world presence with customer support as we understand that it puts people at ease..

Altogether, in front of you is an OPPORTUNITY LIKE NO OTHER! Do not miss it; the price of the token is now at the very start! The potential is bigger than HUMONGOUS!

Conditions for Participation:

The product is 100% free to use, Exxa purpose is to make the world of crypto accessible to everyone, but… to earn from it, you need to deposit to your Exxa Wallet at least $10 worth of BTC, ETH, LTC or USDT. And, if you want to be rewarded for inviting to Exxa other members and be paid for the network below you, you will need to hold in your Devo+ founds worth of $300 USD.

Please notice, all of your coins are accessible to you any moment, you can exchange them and withdraw any time. (If you withdraw below $300 before 30 days, the commission will be 10%, if later - 1%)

Please read about the commission structure from HERE, and please notice that if your partner reaches your rank, you stop receiving an additional percentage from him. Unlike previous alike structures, there is compression here. And this is very good! You can outgrow your sponsor:-)

For Step by Step How to Register and Participate CLICK HERE 

Load the application - https://exxa.net/
You can loud it directly from application stores
APPLE Store (iOS): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/exxa-network/id1479961519
Google Play Market (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inx.exxa
Your Referring Code: 96531078

After registration, please write to exxa101us@gmail.com with any questions. We are 100% dedicated to help you succeed! In Exxa Structure, Your Success is Our Success!

Additional Marketing and Training Material with one's own Referring Code will be available to everyone in our team,
all the way to infinity down :-)


If you've been dreaming of finding the perfect business online, you've just found it!

EXXA can change your life! Don't waste this chance! All in all, this is a very simple business.

You keep your money
in your Exxa wallet on your mobile phone, and collect for it your daily profits!


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